SisIYA Users Guide

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Here I will try to explain how to use the web interface of SisIYA. This guid is not really complete:( I am going to update it freaquently. But unfortunately I do not really have much time for documentation. If you need help or want to help, please use the mailing lists (

SisIYA Alerts

Beside just looking at the SisIYA web interface, one can specify alerts. Available alert types at the moment are e-mail and XMPP alert types. For that you have to specify for which systems and/or system services you need to be alerted. Once selected, the SisIYA server is going to check every minute for system status changes and alert you accordingly. Iy have chosen to be alrted for a particular system's status (say Error or Warning) you could also select to be alerted (only once) for the same system's normal status, which is OK. In this way, you are going to recieve an e-mail informing you when the system's status changes back to OK again. Alerts are send every N minutes, when N is greater than 1 or only once when N is equal to zero.